Why choosing a Monna Lisa hostess?

Choosing a Monna Lisa hostess is a way to be sure to have a qualified, versatile, autonomous hostess who speaks perfectly at least two languages.

Indeed, Mathilde Elbaz, the director of the agency, is demanding as far as recruitment is concerned. She selects each of the profiles herself during physical interviews. It is important to be able to judge the personality, intuition and qualities of a hostess in order to be able to place her on an assignment that is adapted to her skills. All of this is done without forgetting a language test to assess the hostess’s level. They all have a C level in at least two languages, but most of them are multilingual.

This selection allows Mona Lisa to place hostesses who have a common interest with the client. This facilitates mutual understanding and ensures that the mission runs smoothly.

Monna Lisa selects hostesses who are students in languages, translation, interpreting or international relations. This is the guarantee of having a hostess with a good knowledge of languages, but also of the client’s culture. Their knowledge allows them to have a role beyond the simple reception on the stand or the literal translation. Monna Lisa hostesses are a real support for the customer as they assist in sales, demonstration, order taking and interpreting.

Whether for a party, a congress or a trade show, events are punctual and it is important not to lose time. This is why Mathilde Elbaz explains to each hostess in detail what her role will be, who the clients are and what their expectations are. They then receive a briefing so that they can assimilate the knowledge necessary to carry out their missions perfectly (product presentation, technical vocabulary, etc.). In this way, the events run smoothly and serenely.

What is the advantage of having multilingual staff during your event?

With globalisation, more and more companies are expanding abroad. Exchanges take place mainly in English, which is the universal language. However, other languages should not be underestimated, as many are used for business exchanges.

During international events, good communication with your potential customers is essential. Indeed, making a profit from attending a B2B event is not an easy task.

It is important to develop your clientele and to maintain the relationships already established. Monna Lisa meets this demand by offering multilingual and versatile staff. Indeed, in addition to being multilingual, the staff selected to assist you on your stand will be able to translate your exchanges, sell your products or even demonstrate as promoter and help you taking orders. All these tasks in different languages, which will allow you to develop your international clientele.

Being able to communicate in the language of a potential customer will help you to close deals. Sharing a language also means sharing a culture, which helps in building affinity. Your customers will appreciate the fact that they can communicate in their own language and, above all, will understand the world around your products perfectly.

Monna Lisa assists you during private events as well as during B2B events, but also online with qualified interpreters.

In the digital age, more and more events are held online. You need to adapt, and Monna Lisa is here to help you in your digitalization.

In order to keep your export business opportunities, our teams are available online to translate your exchanges during videoconferences.

This is a very precise job, so Mathilde Elbaz, the agency’s director, will carefully select profiles that meet your expectations. She will provide the selected interpreters a detailed briefing and a list of the technical words that could be used during your exchanges. In this way, they will be perfectly prepared for the service.

Mathilde Elbaz always meets the interpreters she works with in person. In this way, she knows the personality and interests of the interpreters. This allows her to choose the perfect profile that will meet your expectations and needs.

Thanks to their cultural backgrounds, our multilingual profiles will be able to easily understand the different cultures, both yours and those of your contacts, and thus optimise your export business relations. All our interpreters have a C level in at least two languages, but most of them are multilingual.

Your success is our priority, so we will do everything we can to help you stand out.

We are at your disposal to study your needs and find the right solution for your project.